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What are workspaces in Cheerio and How you can leverage them?

Workspaces on Cheerio help you manage different WhatsApp, Email, and SMS accounts with a single account. If you already have multiple workspaces it's well & good if not, you can purchase an add-on bundle which will give you 10 extra workspaces for your accounts.

1. How do you manage workspaces on Cheerio?

To use multiple workspaces in Cheerio. You have to log in to the Cheerio partner dashboard where you can manage all your accounts at one place. To log in to the partner dashboard click on the top right link on your Cheerio dashboard and you will be redirected to the partner dashboard login page

Login here using your Cheerio credentials

You will see the dashboard. and here are metrics that show your total no. of credits, Active accounts & wallet balance on your centralized account (Partner account). You can add or update the balance of your child's account wallets and add the new account to your workspace.

2. How to create child accounts if you have multiple Cheerio workspaces.

Once you have purchased a Cheerio subscription that account will be a parent account. To add child account/ other workspaces. You have to create a new account for each workspace and link it via the partner dashboard.

Follow the steps below:

1. Create a new free trial account for the child account on 

2. Now login to your parent account and then open the partner dashboard. Go to the client details page.

Click  "Add new account" and add your free trial account credentials here

3. Once added your child free trial account will switch to a premium account.

3. Adding money to your wallet on the Cheerio partner dashboard.

manage wallet amount & email credits across all your workspaces. You have to add money to your partner's dashboard centralized wallet.

1. To add money to your wallet, Click the “Recharge Now” button

2. A pop-up will appear with the necessary information and the Top amount field 

3. Add the amount that you want to add to your wallet & continue 

4. Make the payment & wait for 2-3 minutes to see your updated balance

5. Now you can distribute your amount across all workspaces to use.



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