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What is a Cheerio wallet and how to use it for your business (Single workspace user)?

If you're any user outside of the India. You will see a wallet on your Cheerio dashboard. To use it first you have to top up or add money to your Cheerio wallet using your credit card. This top-up amount will be used to deduct money as per your SMS & WhatsApp messages usage and for add-on subscriptions.

How to add money to your Cheerio wallet?

1. To add money to your Cheerio wallet you will need a credit card.

2. You can add money in two ways either you can opt for a monthly top-up cycle in which a recurring amount will be deducted from your credit card every month based on the plan you choose OR you can top-up manually in one time as much amount you want to add.

3. Click on the add balance button on the wallet card. A pop-up will open

4. Opt for the monthly subscription or one-time top-up as per your requirement

5. Click on the Recharge Now/ Setup auto top-up button & proceed.

6. The Payment gateway will open, Add your personal & credit card details and make the payment.

7. Once payment is confirmed. Your added balance will start reflecting after 2-3 minutes of payment confirmation. In case it does not reflect "refresh page" or contact us.

8. You can track your wallet history by clicking on the button. Both debit & credit amounts will be visible here.



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