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Updates & Announcements

All the improvements, feature additions, changes, announcements, bug fixes, and more in one place — here's what's new about Cheerio!

Upcoming Features!

Q2 FY 24-25

Chat Flows.png

Chat GPT & Gemini based Cheerio AI in workflows

With Cheerio AI, powered by ChatGPT and Gemini, you can create workflows effortlessly. Use AI to write content, generate images, optimize workflows for specific outcomes, and even create HTML emails.

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AI-based workflow & campaign optimization

You will be able to integrate with popular and new-age AI Platforms to create workflow that will help you automate your basic tasks, manage customers data, update & edit data sets, and optimize campaign based on the goal like revenue generation, cost reduction & more...

Q3 FY 24-25

Call Dashboard.png

Voice over IP (Phone call as a channel)

With VOIP, your call support team will be fully manageable on Cheerio's platform. Your agents will be able to receive and make phone calls directly from the Cheerio platform.

Agent analytics will be provided to track, analyze, and optimize the support team's performance, ensuring better customer service and more.

Slide 16_9 - 5_edited.jpg

Deploy your LLM on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger & other chat platforms

You can create a business chatbot for your customers, team members, and internal team, enabling quick data retrieval, updates, data edits, content generation, invoice creation, and more. These chatbots can be integrated with common platform18s like WhatsApp and Instagram, making them handy and easily accessible.

Train your business chatbot using data dumps, LLM models, and AI to accelerate your business operations.

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