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How to create a WhatsApp user journey on Cheerio's Workflows?

On Cheerio, you can create a complete user journey for your customers using Cheerio's drag-and-drop workflow builder using the steps below:

  1. Login to your Cheerio dashboard and go to Automation > Workflows

  2. Click the new flow button in the top right corner to start from scratch.

  3. On the left side, you will see elements to drag & drop on the canvas. Every workflow follows a basic structure if an event happens > then do this

  4. How to use each node?

TO EDIT NODE: Click on the edit icon/ click on the node itself once dropped on the canvas

TO DRAG NODE: Click and hold the bar on the node to drag and move around the canvas

TO DELETE NODE: Select the node and click backspace or use the delete button in the edit node.

TO CONNECT NODES: Click and hold the dot at the right of the node move to the node you want to connect and release the mouse. Follow the steps below to create a new journey

  1. Drag an event (On incoming WhatsApp)

  2. Drag an action now (Send a message) In this WhatsApp message, you can add any custom message or share any of your approved templates.

  3. Click the edit icon and add your preferred text and media to continue. Below is a sample image of a Whatsapp journey workflow.

  1. You can do different iterations and create a journey based on your preferences. If you are still in any doubt Schedule a demo



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