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How to invite agents and assign leads on Cheerio?

After launching a campaign, The next step is to take care of your customer's replies, queries, and inquiries and Cheerio helps you with it.

On Cheerio, you can receive and send messages to customers using Cheerio's Chat Inbox. You can invite agents to your account and distribute tickets among them. Once you're done with setting up Chat Inbox. Now it's the time to invite agents. To invite agents.

1. Go to manage profile > People > Invite member

2. Fill in details for the agent you want to invite & manage their permissions & send Invite

3. Your agent will receive an email from Cheerio to accept their agent Invite

After accepting an invite you can log in to Cheerio by selecting agent login on the login page.

Congratulations you just invited an agent & you can manage their access from your owner account profile

Now it's time to distribute chat among agents.

1. Go to Chat Inbox > Click on the 3 dot button on the top > Select distribute chats.

2. Select agents you want to assign tickets/chats to. (Chats will be equally divided among agents)

Check the assign automatically checkbox if you want your upcoming chats to be assigned automatically.

Click Distribute leads & congrats, now all your agents can access their assigned chats from their accounts



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