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How to connect a google form with Pabbly & Cheerio to automate your messages?

Updated: Jun 4

Prerequisites 1. Google form with all the information you want to collect.

2. Pabbly workflow

3. Cheerio Workflow

Here is a video demonstration for connecting a Google form with pabbly.

1 Creating a Google form

Open the "" and create a new form as per your requirements and make sure the phone number you ask for should have the country code as well.

Once your form is created, All your responses will be saved in a Google sheet.

2. Pabbly Workflow

2.1 Login to your Pabbly account and create a new workflow

2.2 Choose for the trigger "Google forms" and within that choose the new response received. (This means whenever a new response is added to Google sheet, the workflow will trigger)

2.3 Here you will see "Webhook URL" Copy the URL and go to Google sheet > Extension > Addons > Pabbly connect webhooks

2.4 Now you have do the initial setup by clicking on Pabbly connect webhooks > Initial setup

2.5 Paste the webhook URL which was copied from pabbly & select the last column of your Google sheet (In this case It's D which is Email ID) > Submit

Now as soon as a new response gets added a webhook trigger will be send to pabbly with all the response details

2.6 Adding an action in pabbly. Search for Cheerio application in the actions tab

Incase you don't find it. Click here to open the invitation.

2.7 Choose "Initiate workflow" as an action event and add related details

2.8 Add a Cheerio API Key here which you can generate from your Cheerio manage profile page.

2.9 Map the Cheerio workflow fields with the Google form field. UserPhone (Cheerio) == Phone no (Google Form)

Email (Cheerio) == Email ID (Google Form)

UserName (Cheerio) == Name (Google Form)

2.10 WorkflowId: Open your pabbly workflow on Cheerio to copy your workflow ID from top Link bar (Follow point no. 3 to know how to create pabbly workflow on Cheerio)

and save your pabbly workflow is ready.

3. Creating Cheerio workflow

3.1 To create a workflow on Cheerio. Login to your Cheerio account & click on workflow > add new workflow.

3.2 Drag & drop pabbly event node on the canvas

3.3 Choose for the event > add an action node (Like send WhatsApp or Email) whatever you want and save the flow.

Note: The workflow you have created here, You have to copy this workflow ID to paste in your pebbly as discussed in point no 2.10


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