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How to use email templates on the Cheerio Platform?

Our platform has a complete library of industry-proven templates that are quick & simple to use.

Below are the steps to use these templates:

1. Head to Template Library from the nav bar on the Cheerio dashboard, Where you will find all your submitted WhatsApp, SMS & Email templates. You can switch among these using the filter on the top right corner

2. For Email head to email templates from the top navigation bar. Here you will find a ready-to-use email template that you can use to edit & send quickly.

3. Click on use template button, A duplicate email will create & open up our Email Builder

4. Do your required changes & make sure to save changes.

5. Your new designs will be added to the email builder as well.

Now you can send an email campaign by clicking on "3 dots" or using the new campaign button from the campaigns page

To get to know about how to use Email Builder Click here

To Preview email templates you can click here



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