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How to setup drip campaigns using workflow?

Updated: May 20

On Cheerio, you can now create drip campaigns across WhatsApp and Email using the "campaign sent" node in workflows.

Remember that you can create a drip campaign only after a campaign has already been sent. You can align more campaigns after an existing campaign only.

Below are the steps you have to follow to create a drip campaign.

1. Send a campaign to your contact list using the usual campaign-sending process. 2. Once your campaign is sent & completed, now you can proceed with creating a drip campaign ahead of the sent campaign.

3. Create a new workflow & drag the "Campaign sent" node from events to get started.

4. Choose the campaign you want to create a drip with.

5. Drag the " Conditions" node from action & set the desired conditions

For example, we want to create a drip for the recipients who didn't click the button or link even after 3 days after the campaign so here condition can be Check after 3 days If (Link)!=(clicked) & save

6. Add a relevant action as per your requirement after the condition node

7. Repeat the step (5 and 6) if you want to go down with another level of drip.

8. Save the flow and you're good to go. Your drip campaign will be sent automatically if all the conditions are met



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