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How to leverage the keyword in Workflows?

Updated: Feb 9

Keyword is a feature we have developed on the Cheerio platform to help businesses in their targeted marketing & WhatsApp journeys. Using keywords in workflow can automate replies based on the customer's message. For example: Scenario 1: You have launched a FB ad campaign with a Click to WhatsApp button that redirects customers to their message Inbox with a pre-typed message. (I want to enquire about this service or product). Our AI engine will interpret the message based on the keywords you have added to the workflow and send a message with desired details about the service or a product. Scenario 2: If the customer clicks the support button anywhere across your platform, website, or media handles. He will be redirected to his WhatsApp inbox with a pre-typed message (I want to talk to support) {You can create these links from Cheerio's Website for FREE and use them.} and our AI engine will interpret and send a desired message or even can assign a chat to your particular agent.


1. Drag & drop an incoming WhatsApp event from events.

2. Click on the edit icon button to access more options.

3. Here, you will find the option to match keywords. You can create either one keyword or a set of multiple keywords using sentences as well. You can create a maximum of 10 sets in an incoming WhatsApp node.

4. To create a keyword it is required to separate them either using a comma or by pressing Enter. Once you will use any of these your keyword will get added as a pill with a cross button next to it if you want to delete a keyword.

5. Once creating all the sets. Save and add an action associated with each keyword set based on your requirement

Watch a tutorial here

Congratulations, you have added your first set of keywords to your workflow. If you still have any doubts? Schedule a demo



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