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How to create canned responses (Quick responses) in Cheerio's Team Inbox?

Updated: 11 hours ago

On Cheerio, you can create canned responses in Team Inbox to quickly access long messages, Messages with buttons, Templates, Documents & Media using a shortcut set by you.

1. Accessing Canned Responses

  • Open any chat in your team inbox.

  • Click on the message icon on the left side of the chat window.

2. Creating a New Canned Response

  • Click on the plus button to create a new canned response.

  • Select the type of response you want to create from the list.

Quick Reply:

  • Combine messages with quick reply buttons, documents, and media.

Template Reply:

  • Create a shortcut for your templates and add variables to them.

3. Accessing and Using Canned Responses

  • Use the "/" (backslash) to access all shortcuts or type the shortcut and use TAB to select.



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