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What are the keywords on Cheerio & how to use them?

Updated: 11 hours ago

1. Understanding Keywords

  • Keywords trigger specific actions when they match a customer's reply on WhatsApp.

  • A keyword can be a single letter, word, or even a sentence with special characters.

2. Available Actions

  • Actions triggered by keywords include sending messages, documents, media, messages with quick replies, assigning the chat to an agent, sending a template message, or triggering a workflow.

3. Using Keywords for Your WABA

  • Navigate to the "Automation" section in the side navigation bar and open the "Keywords" tab.

4. Managing Keywords

  • Here, you'll find all your created keywords and their assigned actions.

  • Click the "Add new keyword" button to create a new keyword.

5. Creating a Keyword

  • Choose a matching criteria:

  • Exact Match: Triggers only when the exact message is typed by the user (case-sensitive).

  • Approximate Match: Triggers even if a character or word is matched. For example, if the keyword is "I want to talk to support" and the customer replies with "support," the action will trigger.

  • Type the word or sentence and press ENTER to convert it into a keyword. You can add multiple keywords or create a set of keywords.

6. Assigning an Action

  • Select a desired action from the list provided.

  • Save your keyword trigger.

Congratulations! Your keyword trigger is now created and assigned with an action. you can test it by sending a message to your WABA number.



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