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How to get onboarding support for your Cheerio Premium account?

Updated: 3 days ago

Onboarding support may be needed for setting up your initial account configurations depending on how much you wish to play around by yourself or directly get our support to streamline. Below are the recommended topics for which you should seek our onboarding support:

  1. Setting up your Whatsapp Business API account: Please don't attempt this on your own as it's fairly technical and requires a lot of pre-requisites, which our onboarding will help you with.

  2. Creating your first workflow automation: You can attempt it on your own but we strongly recommend you let our team carry out a quick walkthrough for you.

  3. Setting up your SMS: This again requires a lot of business verification steps that will be difficult for you to handle on your own, so let our onboarding team help you with the same.

  4. Setting up your Email ID Sender ID : This is fairly easy to do and therefore you can try it yourself, but please consult our team if you get stuck somewhere.

  5. Verifying your business on Whatsapp business api, so that you can increase your daily sending limits.

To book our team's calendar for any help please use below links and block the calendly according to your preferred timing.

If you are not able to find a preferred timing, please share your preferred timings and meeting request reason at and I will get it scheduled. Kindly try to request for timings that are not too late or early for Indian Standard Time.



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