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How to launch campaigns on Cheerio.

On Cheerio, you can launch campaigns for your customers using 3 channels. Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Make sure your channels are set up before shooting campaigns.

> How to set up an email channel on Cheerio

> How to set up WhatsApp on Cheerio.

> For SMS Setup contact here.

1. Go to the campaigns from the side menu & click the run campaign button on the top right

2. Name your campaign & choose a label/ tag(s) you want to target.

After selecting you will see your target audience details & channel to target.

3. Select a template as per your choice (You can create your custom templates or directly use pre-uploaded templates from the library)

4. Fill up the required template details and generate the preview

5. You will have stunning-looking previews for email, SMS, and WhatsApp in seconds.

6. Verify details before launching campaigns

7. Click on a run campaign to launch.

Great, You have successfully launched your first campaign. Now you can check detailed analytics by clicking the "Go to analytics" button.



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