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How to leverage the power of Cheerio AI?

AI is all around the world now, and so is Cheerio's AI which is curated for templates generated for WhatsApp, SMS, and Email marketing Including both text & image generation. To use Cheerio AI you have to be a premium user of Cheerio.

1. log in to the Cheerio dashboard & you will see a widget at the bottom right to access Cheerio AI.

2. You can toggle between image & text generator from the top right corner.

3. To generate a text you have to write a prompt. let's try this. Prompt: Generate a WhatsApp marketing message for all the women customers wishing them a women's day and an additional offer of 30% off for today with a code: WOMEN

4. Now take a look at the image generator

Prompt: Generate an image of a marketing creative for Women's Day

Tip: To get the best results from the Cheerio AI make sure to tell it about your line of business, Industry, and what you want. The more information you feed the better the results you will get.

If you still have any queries or doubts. schedule a demo.



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