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Cheerio subscription's addon for users outside India.

If you have opted for Cheerio's lifetime plan and you have your business outside of India, then you can subscribe for extra add-ons to your Cheerio account to get extra features.

Currently, we offer two types of add-ons as of now

1. Our add-on bundle in which you will

  • Get monthly API Calls up to 10000

  • Get 10 extra agents for support

  • Get 5 workspaces for WABA account (manage 5 WABA accounts)

  • Get an extra 200 workflow connectors for complex workflows

2. Email credits of 100,000 credits per month

Select the add-on you want to proceed with. The cost of these add-ons will be a monthly recurring amount from the day of starting your subscription.

Click on subscribe, add your credit card details and you're good to go.



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