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Prerequisites for setting up WhatsApp on Cheerio


  1. Businesses must have a Facebook page.

  2. Facebook Business page should be verified.

  3. Businesses should have a new number for WhatsApp messaging. Step to follow

  4. Visit the developer's home page for Meta.

  5. Create a New App (type - Business).

  6. Add the appropriate app name.

  7. Add contact email.

  8. Select the business account.

  9. Once an app is created, go to the developer's home and select the app.

  10. Now Select -> Setup WhatsApp.

  11. Follow the steps and complete the WhatsApp setup.


  13. Once the setup is done, please provide us the access token by following these steps -

Now that you have all the above required items you can proceed to setup WhatsApp on Cheerio. If you don’t have these please contact the Cheerio team to assist you with setup.

  1. Login to your Cheerio dashboard and click on Set up WhatsApp in the green box

2. You will see a form open to set up the channel. Fill in the required details.

3. After filling up all your details you have to verify your number by sending a test message.

4. After this to track links & clicks from WhatsApp you have to set up webhooks for the same

5. Click on Go to webhooks set up you will be redirected to a link for webhooks setup and a guide to help you.

And that’s all after webhooks are set up your WhatsApp channel is completely ready to run campaigns.



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