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What are custom attributes and how to use them?

Custom attributes are nothing but the additional information of your contacts. For example, you upload a CSV with your customer data which has the following header Name, Email ID, Phone no, address, city, pin code, etc. so these headers are the attributes themselves. Why are they termed as custom attributes? because Name, email & phone no. are mandatory and the rest of them are custom.

So now on Cheerio, you can add, update, and delete attributes for your customers on the go. There are three ways you can use custom attributes for your ease of business.

1. From the contacts page, suppose you have uploaded a CSV file on Cheerio. All your contact details will be visible on the contacts page. To edit click on the edit icon button in actions.

2. From the Chat inbox page, suppose you receive a chat on your WABA from an unknown number and now you want to add or update related attributes for that contact.

Click on the customer name/ phone number to open the customer details panel. from here you can edit, update, and delete attributes for the customer

3. From Workflow automation, suppose you have created a chatbot on your WABA so you can save your customer's reply as an attribute itself. for example, I asked the customer "What is your email id" and he replied "" so I can save it to email attribute automatically.

Here are the steps to follow in the workflow to update attributes.

1. To update the value within the attribute, first you have to save a user response in a variable from "Response message" node.

At the bottom, you have an option that says " save reply in a variable". Add any custom variable for your reference.

2. Drag & drop "Update attribute" node & select the attribute you want to update

After selecting the attribute, now type a value or select an existing variable with a value you want to update in an attribute.

So, these are the 3 ways by which you can leverage custom attributes on Cheerio. In case you have any queries? Reach out to our support team



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