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Appsumo user? Here's everything you need to know about using Cheerio AI!

Updated: 3 days ago

Hey there, first of all, we are super excited about welcoming you to the Cheerio Fam! Thank you for subscribing to us via our Appsumo campaign.

We recommend that you read through this article in its entirety so that you are clear with how the frequently asked questions and onboarding steps for Cheerio AI.

1.1 Appsumo to Cheerio AI account creation and sign up:

Once you have paid on your Appsumo deal page for Cheerio AI you will be directed to Cheerio AI's Appsumo sign-up page which is :

The email ID that you used on the Appsumo deal page will be prefilled on Cheerio AI's sign-up page as below:

Fill in the rest of the details & sign up to Cheerio. Once you sign up you will see your Cheerio dashboard with updated email credits.

To view your plan details go to manage profile by clicking the profile at the bottom left.

1.1.1 How to create child accounts if you have multiple Cheerio workspaces.

Once you have purchased a Cheerio subscription that account will be a parent account. To add child account/ other workspaces. You have to create a new account for each workspace and link it via the partner dashboard. Follow the steps below: 1. Create a new free trial account for the child account on

2. Now login to your parent account and then open the partner dashboard. Go to client details page.

Click "Add new account" and add your free trial account credentials here

3. Once added your child free trial account will switch to a premium account.

4. You can add email & wallet balance from your centralized partner dashboard wallet. Check point no 1.9 for more details

Note: Your email balance gets added to your parent account, if you want to move it fully or partially to your partner account and redistribute it amongst your workspaces you can do so by raising a ticket with us on

1.2 Partner Dashboard access

If you have purchased a plan with more than one workspace. To manage multiple workspaces you have to log in to the Cheerio partner dashboard using the Cheerio credentials only.

1.2.1 What can be done with the partner dashboard?

  1. You can manage all your available workspaces 

  2. Add or distribute the wallet balance or email credits across all workspaces

  3. Add any Cheerio account as a child account in your dashboard

1.3 Setting up email and sending your first email

To set up your email channel on Cheerio. You are required to create a sender ID which will be used to send emails to your customers. This sender ID will be visible to recipients. Each workspace requires a unique sender ID to be created. Here are the steps to create your sender ID on the Cheerio dashboard. 

1. Click on the “ Create sender ID” card on your dashboard 

2. A pop-up window will appear 

3. Fill all the necessary fields with the correct information and submit

4. Cheerio will send you a confirmation email. Once you have completed the confirmation your email ID is set to send emails

1.4 Setting up Whatsapp and SMS

To set up WhatsApp and SMS Channels on Cheerio. We recommend you schedule an onboarding call either by clicking on the button in the dashboard or by clicking here

1.5 Creating a support ticket

You can create a ticket from your Cheerio dashboard to reach our support team by following the steps below 

1 . Scroll down in the main navigation bar you will find a help button. Click it


2. Choose an option to contact support 

3. You will be redirected to our ticket dashboard :

4. Fill up the form describing your problem & essential information to reach out to you as soon as possible 

5. Our support team will reach out to you in 1-2 business days. 

1.6 Scheduling an onboarding call with the Cheerio Support team

Once you have purchased the Cheerio subscription from Appsumo It is recommended that you schedule a call with the Cheerio support team to guide you through the process of onboarding and setting up your channels and guide you to make the best use of Cheerio. 

To schedule an onboarding call you can either click on the button “Schedule onboarding call” from your Cheerio dashboard or you can click on this link.

1.7 Transferring email and wallet balance between your partner, parent, and child accounts

1.7.1 What if I run out of my monthly email credits? How to recharge?

In case you run out of your monthly email credits but you have a campaign to send. In that case, you can top up your Cheerio wallet. Whenever your email credits get exhausted Cheerio itself starts deducting the required amount from your wallet based on per-email pricing. 

1.7.2 How to move email credits from my account to partner account?

If you have purchased a plan with multiple workspaces on Cheerio. There could be the chance that you have to move your email credits from your parent account to your partner account. In that case, you can reach us by creating a support ticket from the dashboard.

To know how to raise a ticket check point no. 1.5

1.8 Adding money to your wallet on  dashboard

To send an SMS or WhatsApp campaign via Cheerio. You're required to top-up your Cheerio wallet. The top-up amount will auto-debit as per the campaign sent to the number of customers based on the recipient country. To know the detailed process of adding money check this out

1.9 Adding money to your wallet on the Cheerio partner dashboard.

To manage wallet amount & email credits across all your workspaces. You have to add money to your partner's dashboard centralized wallet.

1. Login to using your login credentials.

2. On the Dashboard at the top right corner, you will find the option to log in to your partner dashboard. Remember only users with multiple workspaces will be able to log in to the partner dashboard.

3. By clicking on the button you will be redirected to the partner dashboard where you can log in using the same credentials of 

4. On the dashboard you will see your centralized wallet balance, Email Credits, and No. of active accounts out of all accounts. 

5. To add money to your wallet, Click the “Recharge Now” button

6. A pop-up will appear with the necessary information and the Top amount field 

7. Add the amount that you want to add to your wallet & continue 

8. Make the payment & wait for 2-3 minutes to see your updated balance

9. Now you can distribute your amount across all workspaces to use.

2.0 Buying add-ons to increase limits on workflows, workspaces, etc

Cheerio offers add-ons in case you have reached your maximum limits for workflow connectors, agents, workspaces, or email credits. You can subscribe to the add-ons

To read more about add-ons & how to subscribe then click here



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