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What are the Workflows on Cheerio?

Workflows are the automation feature that help you automate your repetitive tasks in a campaign or on a WhatsApp Chat.

You can use workflows for the following:

  1. Create user journeys for customers on WhatsApp

  2. Create a user journey for the Customers on WhatsApp using Shopify/ WooCommerce

  3. Automate the post campaign process of managing queries & inquiries

  4. Retarget customers based on Channel after days or completion of a campaign

Each workflow follows a structure. If any of these connection points are broken your workflow might not work as expected. so let's understand this structure.

If an event happens? > Then take this action (Based on conditions you have set)

For example:

  1. On incoming whatsapp message > Send a message (Hi, Welcome to...)

  2. On Shopify Order create > Send a message (Your order is confirmed...)

  3. On Abandoned Cart > Send a message (You have left items in cart...)

  4. On Facebook lead > Send a message (Hey, we have received your inquiry...)

Just Like these you can create a complete journey for a user on whatsapp a message after message that can reduce your support effort by 67%.

To know more about: How to create a WhatsApp user journey. Click here



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